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     Alan Burnett
Dear Herr Kleveman,

I have just finsished reading 'The New Great Game'. It was gracing the shelves of the North Sydney Library. Your book made Central Asia live for me. I thought that among the excellent chapters of your book, the one on Pakistan was especially fine.

Readers of my generation would appreciate your quote from Kipling. Ours and the Kiwi SAS in Afghanistan would not be ignorant of the lessons the British learned in the 19th century. What else can one say about your book except that I think you understand better than most, to quote from Omar Kayyam as rendered by Fitzgerald:

Tis all a Chequer board of Nights and Days,
Where Destiny with Men for Pieces plays;
Hither and thither moves and mates and slays,
And one by one back in the Closet lays.

Maybe Destiny will deal with the Houston Republicans.

With appreciation of your important work,

Alan Burnett

10.04.2006 - 00:06

     Ian Campbell
Dear Herr Kleveman,

I have read with interest your articles and of course your tremendous achievement, the 'New Great Game'. I was also thrilled to hear your contribution to ABC Australia's
Radio National Programme 'Late Night Live' a year ago. You are to be admired for having the courage to go to such places, never mind asking questions of dangerous people! I don't
know how you dared!

I have always been interested in the region, ever since the Soviets went into Afghanistan in Dec 1979 - my parents came out to Australia in 1967 by VW, including Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, India, but it was a different world then... Your 'New Great Game' appears at exactly the right time. It was very useful - and empowering, in some ways - to have a strong sense of what was really going on beyond the bland surface stuff served up by the media. I was disappointed to see there were no photos in the book - I have seen so many at Kleveman.com.

My very best wishes for your May 2006 Ankelohe Conversations. Keep safe, and keep on writing about the places I am too scared to travel to!

Ian Campbell, Launceston, Tasmania, 4125'0"S 14708'"E.

22.02.2006 - 20:28

     John Turnbull
Hi Lutz,

I have just stumbled across your book The New Great Game. Thank you for explaining the detail of the politics of oil and particularly America's involvement. Whilst we assume all the fighting is about oil, I really enjoyed the clarification of the role the various countries had and the relationship both politically and geographically of the various parties.

Good read well written. I will recommend it.

Regards, John Turnbull

09.02.2006 - 10:57

     Brian Allison
Dear Mr. Kleveman,

I found your book, "The New Great Game", informative and thought-provoking. I've often wondered about the former Soviet republics and you shed much light on the subject. It doesn't bother me that a thread of anti-Americanism runs through the book - from a foreign perspective I suppose it's entirely justified, plus I'm used to it.

One thing, though. You wrote that there has been "a massive post September 11 curtailment of civil liberties, particularly those of Muslim immigrants..." What? I live in the U.S. and I can assure you that is entirely untrue. I still enjoy all my liberties; as far as Muslim immigrants, they are being treated with kid gloves. Tell you the truth, I'd like to see them scrutinized a bit more. George Bush is no doubt a bumbling stooge, but this country is bigger than him.

Anyway, thanks for writing the book. I look forward to more.

Sincerely, BC Allison

09.02.2006 - 10:46

     Richard Bond

just read your book about the New Great Game and am now suffering the aftereffects that all my previous opinions and ideas about history being defunct. Now we know who rules the world. With the Iran blowout about to happen, perhaps you should start writing and driving around the oilfields again in your Citroen CX-25. Your book was such a revelation about pipeline politics and the oil multinationals.

Richard Bond

18.01.2006 - 01:28

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