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     Andy Jarmolkiewicz
Dear Lutz,

I bought your latest book, The New Great Game, about a year ago and have read it several times since. I
wanted to congratulate you on your work. I read very widely (despite working very long hours managing a
hedge fund) and have a particular interest in oil and foreign policy and indeed Central Asia. This book is
the most informative, colourful and readable that I have read in the last few years.

Keep up the good work!
Best regards,
Andy Jarmolkiewicz

15.10.2007 - 16:52

     Paul Phibbs
Dear Sir

I have just read your book and thought it was a very well-written piece of journalism. I have read a few books on this region, including Hopkirk's The Great Game, so I found your book an excellent sequel. I will look out for your books in the future.

Paul Phibbs,
New Zealand

27.04.2007 - 19:39

     Lewis W. Pinch
Dear Mr. Kleveman,

I have finished reading your book on the Central Asia Oil Game and I thought it was great. You certainly did a lot of work and driving etc. to do the research. In view of the fact that I lived in Iran for three years working in hospitals, I am interested in the situation there. Your chapter on Iran was very good.

Lewis W. Pinch

13.11.2006 - 07:15

     Kevin Mulvany
Dear Mr. Kleveman,
I have just finished reading your book and it has opened my eyes to a world
I knew so little about.
Thank you,
Kevin Mulvany, Ireland

07.11.2006 - 05:18

     Christopher Watt

I read the first chapter of your book, The New Great Game: Blood and Oil in Central Asia, on the Barnes and Noble website, then quickly wound up at your website. This is fascinating stuff, and while I haven't managed to track down your book at the English language bookstores in Istanbul, where I am now, I may just have to order it online.

I'm interested in making a trip to Baku myself. Is it possible to visit the Oily Rocks? I believe it is basically abandoned but from the descriptions I've read its decrepitude sounds quite impressive.

Best, Christopher Watt

10.04.2006 - 00:15

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