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     John Swainson
Dear Mr Kleveman,

Absolutely brilliant. Well done. Along with Bernard Henri-Levy you have done us all a great service by pulling together the threads into a coherent whole that makes so much sense. You have articulated the problem - just as Henri has exposed the horrors of war that he has seen. I have commended your book to every English-speaking person in my email list. Thank you for a good read - its a book I am unlikely to loan out for fear of losing it.

Happy New Year
John Swainson

04.01.2008 - 19:09

     Emre Timurkan
Dear Lutz,

I have just finished your book, a seminal piece, which was extremely well researched, and written. It was a joy to read.

I cover Turkey, the Caucasus and Central Asia for Citigroup thus your views are of invaluable importance to me.

Thanks for the great book. I've just ordered multiple copies to hand out to people I know who are active in the region.

Best regards, Emre Timurkan
Director, Citigroup

21.12.2007 - 13:45

     Daniel Longhurst
Dear Mr Kleveman:

I am a second year International Relations and Human Development student, currently studying in Finland. I read your book 'The New Great Game, Blood and Oil in Central Asia' as part of my research.

I am essentially writing this short note to congratulate you on what I thought was an inspiring piece of work. I am always impressed by journalists and writers who are able to write about international politics in a way that tells a story as well as conveying the facts.

In a world of instant news, blogs and continuous live broadcasts, it seems to me that one of the critical roles writers can perform is to offer considered, compassionate perspectives to counteract the increasing amount of instantaneous analysis. I felt your book was just such a piece, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and thought that for once I would take the opportunity to say as much!

Wishing you all the very best for future projects.

Yours sincerely, Daniel

26.11.2007 - 14:52

     Steve Sommerfeld
Good Day Sir:

I recently finished reading your book which I found to be quite interesting and informative. I am not well versed in the politics of the Central Asia but what led me to the book was the fact that here in Alaska the same players control the destiny of the State's economy.

Thanks and regards, Steve Sommerfeld
Anchorage, Alaska

17.11.2007 - 23:28

     Shawn Kennedy
I am just a guy from Canada, with an interest in Central Asia. I appreciate your work in helping me understand whats going on. The issues you discuss are not new to me as I have been folking them for many years now. But it is nice to see people like yourself trying to shed some light on this area without parroting what they hear on the evening news shows. It is amazing how little these issues are discussed, and really quite sad...So bla, bla...make a long note short...Thanks for your work.

Cheers. Shawn Kennedy

17.11.2007 - 23:17

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