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     Tony Grant
Dear Mr Kleveman,

I came across your work for the first time when I saw your documentary on BBC World about diamond mining in Sierra Leone. It made very compelling viewing.
I now work in Baku, Azerbaijan, teaching English to, amongst others, oil workers at BP. I am reading your book "The New Great Game" at the moment, and I'm finding it just as thought-provoking. Observing the way that BP works out here (expatriate workers appear to be paid around $20.000 per month, compared to their Azeri counterparts, equally qualified in many cases, who earn about $600 per month) there is plenty to leave a cynical taste in the mouth.

Best regards
Tony Grant

08.12.2005 - 12:58

     Phil Berry
"On the wall behind the Foreign Minister [of Abkhazia]'s desk is a life-sized embroidered picture of a naked woman." [Page 46]

Surreal! These occasional amazing comments just add to what is a superb book even if these were not there. To think how an entire region can be ruined by greed and politics.

For a layman as myself the style and detail is pitched just about right. An execellent read!

03.12.2005 - 01:24

Congratulations! I have been reading your book CONTINUOUSLY since last week. The map at the end of the Greek edition helped me learn everything about the geography and the unknown- since the end of socialism- names of Central Asian countries. The facts that took place during the last years , the wars and the relations of all these countries are described in such a WONDERFULway!
Keep on searching and writing .We live in a very politically sensitive site of the world (GREECE)and need to be well informed!

18.10.2005 - 22:03

     A. Spidle
Mr. Kleveman,

I only wanted to write to tell you congratulations on a wonderful book and thank you for your amazing insights into this often forgotten but very important region of the world.

Shedding light on a key aspect of the development of this region was a difficult task, but a worthwhile endeavor, and one that you completed competently.

I wish you success, adventure, and safety as your career continues. I found the book riveting from beginning to end--a brilliant piece of work no doubt.

A. Spidle

09.10.2005 - 00:42

     Roger Thompson
Just finished the book ..excellent!

I work in the oil industry worldwide and it really has gotten itself deep in the shit... amazing. Sooner it runs out the better....
Anyway, have fun in South America (I worked 2 years in Colombia with BP), exciting place. Looking forward to your next book.

Stay safe! Roger Thompson

09.10.2005 - 00:41

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